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We are a big network of well experienced Freelancers. We develope applications with complete flexibility in our time in our place. the strong technical management makes us to deliver shophisticated results with higher quality than in house development factories.

Beacause we devide a certain work among us based upon each one's strength. which results the application to be developed in a specialized enviornment that excels in each of the different acpects of the task.

your Benifits

No Fixed bound office time.

Can work along with your regualr job

Pay per task system. means u will never feel as under paid.

Industry standard Payments.

your Responsibilities

You work in your own timw. But the task must be completed within the discussed time.

The quality must be top standard. because we value our reputation much more than the business

The design/code which are done for us should not be copied or stolen for any other client out side our business. because we copyright everything that is developed through us.

we need freelancer web designers to work on long term basis. Mus be able to ddevelope fully function web applications. Excellent knowledge in PHP-MySQL with ZOOMLA and wordpress.

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Must be excellent knowledge in HTML , CSS, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, Adobe Photoshop and corel draw and Angular js. Should be able to design Website Templets along with desired graphics. should have innovative design ideas.

Should be able to develope fully functional Android Apps with play store upload capability.

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